Saturday, June 30, 2007

What Is It? / The First Harvest

ASimWen here. I will not go into everything The Sims 2 is. It is a PC video game. If you wish to learn further about that, Google it.

As for this short blog, it my attempt of a challenge called Cream of the Crop. I am using The Sims 2, hereinafter referred to as TS2. I got the idea to do the challenge from Rachel, the list owner of the TS2Challenges Group list at Yahoo. The rules can be found posted within the group at Yahoo, or you can find them by searching the Challenges section at the official website, The Sims 2. The point of this challenge is to profit $20,000 off the sale of produce and fish.

So let's get started. We start with a couple, Darin and Marcella Hoosier. Hmmm. Hoosier? Well that is what a person from Indiana is called. It also means "dirt farmer". I gave Darin and Marcella two dogs, Homer and Lucy. Thought those two would pull some simoleons in. Ok, here we go.

Darin is a Maxis face template. Yup, I rolled the virtual dice in CAS for him. I did give him custom content hair, and I chose alla his clothes. He is wearing a smart plaid sport shirt, rolled up pants, and sandals. Hm. His outfit came from H&M Fashion. I just can't get enough of that stuff pack. I love it. I made him a fortune sim. His wifey Marcella, well, I didn't tweak her face. I don't know where it came from. CAS made her a redhead, so I kept that....but with CC hair. I chose her skintone, took a look at the faces in CAS, and there she was. I must have downloaded her from somewhere. She is barefoot, yes, she is the one staying home to work the gardens and have Darin's babies. Barefoot - n- pregnant. She will be happy, she is a family sim. hahaha Her shirt is something cute and outdoorsey looking for Seasons. It has butterflies all over it. Yes. :) Here are closeups:

See the house in the background behind Marcella? It ain't much. I will show pictures as it expands.

On with it....

Here they are planting their first garden. They saved a couple of simoleons by attaching their greenhouse to their house. They were able to build a bigger one than the rules called for, for the first greenhouse. There is reason for the larger greenhouse which you will see later on. They planted tomatos, tomatos, tomatos. They also started with one apple tree.

As I like my simmies to have money, Darin hopped on the loaned computer to find a job. He wanted a job in Adventure. Wah-Lah! Guess what the second job of the day was? Adventure. He nabbed it up.

As per the Cream of the Crop challenge, Darin and Marcella must have a minimum of two children. Marcella gets pregnant the first night in their new house in the desert. Yup, they are farming in the desert. I think they will do all right.

Darin got fired from his job in the Adventure field his first day. I am so brainwashed with the Prosperity Challenge, I chose not to ignore the chance card Darin received. At any rate, I made a bad choice, and Darin was fired. It turned out all for the better, Darin next got a job in the education field. Magic book case, here we come! haha

The tomatos are doing great. Marcella is being diligent at tending the plants, and she has been great about spraying her sickly apple tree. Sickly? Yes. she hasn't put out a lady bug house yet there. She has managed to purchase sprinklers for the greenhouse, and a composter. So far, she is up to a bronze badge in gardening.

The happy couple celebrates Darin's new job by...taking time out for a little 'alone' time. Gosh Darin, you have silk jammies on, but live in a house with a dirt floor and no wallpaper. hahaha!

It is time for Darin and Marcella's babe to be born.

Awwwww! It is a boy named Noel. His blonde like his daddy, and has his mamma's pretty brown eyes.

In celebration of Noel's birth, Darin adds a room onto the house, and siding. He also wallpapered the inside, and put down carpet.

Marcella gets the first crop of apples off the tree. Hum. The apples don't look good. They are gray. That is because Marcella never put a ladybug house out there to protect the tree. The tree was 'sickly' when the apples were ready to be harvested. Marcella picked 8 "Bland" apples.

The Challange calls to sell half of everything that is harvested. So, Marcella sold four of them.

Marcella also moved her apple tree inside the greenhouse. It immediately became healthy, but still went dormant when winter came.

Ah. It is Noel's birthday. That means that Darin will be building another greenhouse soon to give to Noel to work.

Strapping young lad isn't he? Looks like he has his dad's touseled hair.

The tomatos are ready to harvest. There are 10 plants altogether.

Marcella picks 117 Tasty Tomatos. That means she sold off 57 of them.

So, let's go over the numbers. Bland apples sell for $8 apeice. Tasty tomatos sell for $11 apeice.

4 apples X $8 = $24
57 tomatos X $11 = $627
Total First Harvest = $651

That leaves $19,349.00 to go. HAHAHA!!!

Woah! What is this? Time for a second child, and Marcella also got her silver badge in gardening at the same time. Notice the half door that leads to the greenhouse. Just a nice touch. By now Marcella has planted her second crop of vegetables in her garden She planted two plots of everything. Tomatos, strawberries, pole beans, peppers, oranges, eggplants, and cucumbers. Aww, looks like Lucy is getting a nap. By now she is on the second level of her job in ShowBiz. Homer was sold off because he would not go to work. Lazy dog. He was a liability by doing nothing but laying around and using up simoleons eating dog food.

Marcella and Darin date often to keep aspirations up. The energizer is coming in extremely handy so Marcella can go, go, go! And Darin can get his much needed promotions at work. The Hoosiers need the bonuses so Darin will have the money to build Noel a greenhouse.

Ah. Darin has just been promoted to High School Teacher. He has just earned the bookcase. So skilling to promotion for him will no longer be difficult and time consuming. He is not moving along very quickly for his gardening badge. He has yet to get a bronze.

Ah. The second child has been born. Her name is Enola.

Yes Marcella, you got pregnant again right away. You need lots of little Hoosiers to work those greenhouses!

Noel has had a birthday. Little does he know what is in store for him...a lifetime of servitude workin' in the fields. haha Ok so this meant Darin was gonna have to build a second greenhouse. Now mind is still kind of tight. So far the Hoosiers have not broken$7,500. They keep buying things like pesky beds for the kids, and had to add on a room to the house when Enola was born.

Here is where that large greenhouse comes in.

Here it is before Darin built Noel's greenhouse. As you can see, the Hoosier's house is really built around it.

Here it is after Darin put away his tools. Each room in the greenhouse has the required 12 squares called for in the Rules. After a while money will no longer be an issue, but early on you have to watch the pennies.

Noel gets busy that night fertilizing and planting. Tomatos. ha.

Enola has grown to toddler. Awwww...she's cute! Hope she has a strong back to work the gardens. hehe

The Hoosiers welcome Spring by adding a lemon tree and an orange tree to their orchard.

Darin finally gets his bronze. Noel got his the second time he worked his greenhouse. Apparently children earn their gardening badges rather quickly.

Marcella awaits the birth of her third child harvesting her garden. Her pole beans have come in.

12 Tasty Pole Beans She sells 6.

6 X $24 = $144.00

Marcella and Darin have another girl. Her name is Olivia, a redhead like her mother.

Enola grows to child, but does not start her garden right away. She grew up needing sleep and food.

Marcella is the first to get the gold in Gardening. Of course. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the Hoosiers dig a pond on their property.

It will yeild lots of fish. More points toward the Challenge.

And shortly after that, the Hoosiers gain admittance to the Garden Club. That adds points to the Challenge.

The next Hoosier to get a badge is Noel. Way to go!

Enola began working her greenhouse the next day. This is how I built it on:

There are now three sections. I anticipate two more greenhouses will be built, a total of 4 children.

Olivia has sprang into toddlerhood. She must have a CC hair. She is bald as a toddler, heh. Her mother has red CC hair, so Olivia is doing the same.

The fourth, and last, Hoosier is on the way.

Marcella has the ability to talk to plants now. She can talk them right up to the top level of 'thriving'. This orange tree was merely 'healthy'. But Marcella wants the best oranges possible for her family. And they are more points in the challenge. She talks the tree up to thriving, then harvests.

MMMmmm! Yummy! In RL, I LOVE citrus. I begin every day with fresh oranges or grapefruit.

The men folk are making use of the pond. Where Darin is behind on the gardening badges, he was the first to get a fishing badge. Way to go!

Noel has aged to teen. I rolled his aspiration, he is a family sim like his mother. He looks none worse for the wear after toiling in the greenhouses all his childhood. He made it to a silver gardening badge by his teenaged years. And yes, he did his homework every day! haha

And Olivia has aged to child. Yup, CC hair. lol Shortly after Olivia grew up, the 4th Hoosier was born.

GAH. So much for 'one more Hoosier'. It always happens when you don't expect it and are not planning it. hah. Two girls!

April and May, named after Spring, the growing season. Finally, one of the children inherited their dad's darker skintone. lol

Well, all the Hoosiers are born. This is good a breaking point as any. Seems like Marecella and Darin are moving right along.