Monday, July 2, 2007

Strategy, And Lot's O' Badges

Alrighty then. I have been playing this challenge for a couple of RL days now. I thought I would write a few words about what is working for me strategy wise.

The biggest nightmare I came across was how to count all the produce. What to keep, what to sell. Well, the rules call for selling off half of everything. That seems simple enough, doesn't it? Pfft. I quickly realized that I could not keep anything in the backpack, and the juicers don't hold enough. I needed to be able to store the produce that the Hoosiers were keeping. Why couldn't I keep anything in the backpack? Because of continually adding to it. For instance:

In the first entry, Marcella harvested tomatoes, apples and pole beans. She sold off half of everything. When it came time to harvest those things again, Marcella still had the first harvest in her backpack. Gad. I quickly visualized keeping a sheet with lots of pluses and minuses on it for everybody in the house, ya know, keeping a running total of inventory so I could correctly sell off the right amount of produce. I almost thought the challenge was not going to be worth my time.

Then I hit on it. MoreAwesomeThanYou has a handy dandy thing called The Fruitbowl of Awesomeness. Thank you MATY. The Fruitbowl of Awsomeness holds 500 pieces of produce. So. After a harvest was done (by anyone) half was sold off, then all remaining produce in that Hoosier's backpack was dumped into the Fruitbowl of Awesomeness, so the backpack would be back at zero count. :) Made what could conceivably be a real turn off on this challenge, not so bad.

Now then. To accurately keep track of everything that was being sold off, I keep the Excel scorecard minimized the whole time I am playing so I can just do the data entry as I play. Easy.
Also, much of the fish looks the same in the backpack. What I did, was have everyone give Marcella their fish as gifts. Then I could get a correct visual on what to count. She would sell half, and store the rest in the fridge. *Whew!*

On with pictures now. I love large sim families. That is apparent in this blog. Read on.

Enola and Olivia are working together in the garden. Enola gets her silver.

And Noel gets his gold. Way to go Noel!

It is time for the twins to grow up.

Hello May! Wow....better get rid of those mittens and that sweater! It is summer time!

And in the middle of birthdays....

Olivia gets her bronze. Yay Olivia!

And here is April. Pretty girl!

Here is a piece of advice. Don't get so wrapped up in playing you forget about the bills. haha In this case, the Repo Man took two outdoor lights. Not a big loss, but made me feel stupid. heh

Enola grows to teen. She is a pop sim. YAY! One of the easiest in the world to keep happy, especially if there is a Wishing Well on the lot.

Right around this time I realize the one apple tree the Hoosiers have is not producing very well. And my love for Pepper Punch (energy boosting juice) is not being met. After all this time, Marcella has still only had the one harvest off it, the eight bland apples. So the Hoosiers purchase two more trees for the orchard.

Olivia gets her silver.

At this point, I go ahead and add enough green house space for the twins. I add on two more sections.

Plus an upstairs is added. Not bad for one wage earner, heh? Oh yeah...there is Lucy. She works too. Notice the grill for grilling fish is right outside the door. :)

Time is taking a toll on Lucy. She has been working at the top of her Showbiz career for some time, bringing in about $2,100 a week. She is now an old lady. Her money has really helped the family. Good dog! No, she can't retire. heh

Whoops! Did I click the wrong woo-hoo option??? heh Surprise. I did remove Risky WooHoo before I started this challenge, so I did click the wrong option. Ah well.

The twins are grown to child. This is May. She looks sturdy to work the fields! heh

And here is April. :) She will bring lots of money to the family working her greenhouse.

By now Darin is the Education Minister. How he got his Gold in gardening whilst walking around in the house I will never know. I guess it was a delayed action in the game.

April gets started the night of her birthday on her greenhouse.

Heave-ho that fertilizer, May!

Marcella talking to the nice tomatos before they are picked. NOTHING is harvested that is not in mouthwatering condition. The challenge calls for fifteen point bonus for each plant that is harvested when thriving. Thank goodness for the excellent scorecard, or I would never be able to keep track.

Enola gets her Gold. By now, there are 4 gold badges in the house.

The sixth, AND FINAL Hoosier is born. A boy, his name is Nyland. So the Hoosiers have four girls, and two boys. I bet Nyland will be spoiled rotten! But, when it comes to gardening, NOBODY gets it easy!

Errrrr.... OUCH! That is Olivia, who by now has grown to teen, peeking at Noel the hard way. Heh, thought I would include it, a funny picture. Olivia is a pop sim.

April gets her bronze.

And May isn't far behind.

Here is an over the top shot of the greenhouses.

Nyland is a toddler! Lookin' good!

Olivia gets her gold. There are now 5 Gold gardening badges in the house. Lots of plant talkin' goes on.

Did you know the sprinklers could break down???

Marcella and Noel enjoying a talkin' and harvesting session together. Noel has taken on a steady girlfriend to keep him in a good mood for energizing. He is going steady with Delanta Dwyer, the required child from the TSR Challenge, Love Thy Neighbor.

Speaking of TSR Challenges. Do ya'll remember Kitty Litter??? This is what I did with her. Not only was she a werewolf as per the challenge rules, she was also a plant sim. Ha. She showed up downtown whilst Noel was on a date with the Dwyer girl.

This is where I will end this entry. One more entry after this one...THE END of the challenge, and more comments about strategy.


Rachel said...

Ouch, that has to hurt Olivia's neck! LOL click the wrong WooHoo option!

Twoyys4me said...

Looks like things are going well- there are so many kids you must've hit the goal a while ago huh?!

How funny to see Kitty Litter that way- poor girl.. she doesn't look so happy. :)